Saturday, August 30, 2014

The schedule for the week of September 1st!

Happy Labor Day to all and I hope everyone has a safe weekend!

Monday: no practice but try and do a work out posted a few days ago

Tuesday: swim meet against Unity Christian & Manistee (Unity was planning on competing against them the same day so we will have a little longer of a meet :) the meet is at Hudsonville high school). The girls need to be at GRCH at 4:45 to take the bus (it will be a two way bus) and we will meet in the back of school (not the Plymouth side). The meet starts at 7:00pm and there will be a meal after.

Wednesday: morning conditioning at school 6:30-7:15am. Practice 6-8pm

Thursday: practice 6-8pm

Friday: Diving relays at West Ottawa warm up @ 3:00 & start time @ 5:00 girls will meet at 2:15 and ride with coach (will talk about meeting location at practice). Practice 5:00-7:00pm

Saturday: Swimming relays at West Ottawa! Girls meet at GRCH (back side of school) at 7:30 am and the meet starts at 10:30. This will be a one way bus so no bus coming home! The spectators are able to enter at 9am.

*please read the last post about parent shirts!! 
*our caps should be in sometime this week

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Parent shirt signup

If you would like a the parent shirt please email Mark Swets at The shirts will be a dri fit style, short sleeve, black with blue printing with GRCH Swim & Dive on the chest pocket area. Cost is approximately $10-$12. It will take about 10 days to order the shirts and the deadline to get your order in is Wednesday September 3rd.

If you have already ordered you are all set otherwise please email Mark and make sure you specify size and men's or women's!

Thank you!

Friday practice and Swim Outlet Sale

Parents and girls!

Practice on Friday has been moved from 7-9 AM. Now everyone can enjoy their holiday weekend sooner and get to the first football game on time :)

A thank you to Jennifer Schroder for letting us know that Swim Outlet is having a sale right now for anyone that wants to get a racing suit for the end of the season for the conference or state meet!

Have a safe holiday weekend and if you get a chance to get in the pool please do the following swim work out, and if not I'll post a dry land work out as well! We have a meet on the Tuesday after the weekend.

Meet warm up
400 swim
6x75 k-d-s @ 1:15-1:30
6x50 s-m-f @ 1:00
8x25 @ :30 h/e, e/h, h, e
2x25's springs
4x turns from mid pool
200 ez

30x75's @ 1:10-1:30
10- k-s-k
10- stroke (free descend each one)
10- free no breathing in an out of walls

5x100 @ 1:40-2:00
50 drill + 50 swim
3x200 @ 2:45-3:30
kick middle 100


Dry Land:
Run for 30 min or bike for 45

25 jumping lunges, 10 push ups, 25 jumping squats, 10 dips, 25 burpees, 10 push ups, 25 mt climbers
Abs- 25 tuck ups, 25 v-ups, 25 mason twist, 25 shoe laces, plank for a minute

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Team photos & the relay meet

Great job last night to everyone, what a good first meet!

  • If you want to see photos from last night over on the right side under "photos" I have a link to "West Ottawa".
  • The West Michigan Relays:
    • More details to come on when we will leave for West Ottawa
    • Diving will be Friday night with a warm up at 3 pm and start time at 5 pm
    • Swimming will be Saturday with a warm up at 8:30 and a start time at 10:30 (doors open at 9am for spectators). 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Meet tonight!

Hey girls!!!

Be there no later that 4:45 tonight at East Kentwood and the meet will start at 6:00!

Please remember to bring your suit from last year if you have it, otherwise wear any kind of blue or black suit tonight. As soon as we get our suits in we will hand them out! Our swim caps should be in next week so again bring any team caps from last year to share with those who don't have one. We will be scoring agains West Ottawa but East Kentwood will also be swimming/diving too but just swimming/diving exhibition.

There will not be a meal so please pack lots of healthy snacks, water, gatorade for the pool deck! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Schedule for the week of August 25th


  • Morning practice conditioning with Daimond @GRCH 7:30-8:15 am
  • Practice 6-8pm 
  • Swim meet against West Ottawa @ EAST KENTWOOD start time is 6pm (West Ottawa's pool is getting fixed). There will be no bus. Girls meet there by 4:45pm. (East Kentwood will be there as well but not scoring for points).
  • Morning practice conditioning with Daimond @ GRCH 6:30-7:15 AM
  • Practice 6-8 pm
  • Practice 6-8 pm
  • Practice 6-8 pm
Other notes:
  • Please get your suit (62.75) and team fund money (20.00) in. You must get the payment in before your suit is given out. Checks can be made payable to GRCHS.
  • Please bring your buddy get to know me sheets as well as your get to know me sheet for the coaches! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday practice

Tomorrow practice will be from 5:30-7:30! 

Reminder Saturday 9:30 at calvin we will do some dryland and activities and head to the Swets cottage around 11. The girls should be back to Calvin close to 6!

Team photographer


We have our athletic department secretary wondering if we could dedicate someone from our team to be our parent photographer and send her pictures from every swim and dive meet. They will be playing slide shows at school throughout the day and these pictures could come in useful for an end of the season slideshow. 

If you would be willing please email me at and I can give you details!

Also a reminder we will do dryland conditioning for everyone on the team at the beginning or practice tonight with Daimond.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Team pictures

Reminder that today are team pictures at the pool at 5:30! Please bring your picture form if you want to order some, they turned out really nice last year. Remember to wear black on too and jeans! 

Also remember to bring your get to know me sheet if you haven't turned it in yet!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Schedule for the week of August 18th

The first week of practice has gone great and it has been wonderful to meet some new faces and reunite with those returning. It is going to be a great season!

We put the swim suit orders in and will need to collect $62.75 and the checks can be made payable to GRCHS and collected by Alyssa Oezer (or her mom Linda Oezer). If you could bring this to the parent meeting that would be great. In order to get their suit they will need to pay Linda first :)

We also will be collecting our normal $20.00 per athlete for the swim and dive team fund. This will be collected from Sam Stevens or her parents at the parents meeting (Jim and Tracy) and this check can be made payable to GRCHS. This goes towards our goody bags made for conference at the end of the season, utensils for home swim meets, senior night, and other odds and ends throughout the season.

If this is a financial burden for anyone please let me know!


  • Practice 6-8 pm
  • Freshman launch. I will post a work out below if you can find pool time at any pools in the area to get the work out in. There is EGR high school, Forest Hills aquatic center, and Rockford at varying times!


  • Practice 6-8 pm (bring dry land clothes for the first part of practice) 
  • Parents meeting at 7:30-8... at Calvin college across from the old gym close to the pool. 


  • Practice 6-8 pm
  • Team picture at 5:30 (the photographer did a great job last year and is coming back, please bring the forms that were passed out last week for any picture orders) 
  • Practice 6-8 pm
  • Practice 6-8 pm 
  • Swim & Dive Cottage Party at the Swet's cottage. We will meet at Calvin @9:30 AM and do some dry land before heading out. We will provide a list soon with more details and what the girls can bring (usually each grade is assigned a drink, snack, dessert, etc.). We will return to Calvin as well so drop off and pick up will both be at Calvin College
Monday Practice if you are a freshman (I think it is all swimmers, no freshman divers :) ) 
If no pool to practice in: 
  • 30 minute run 
  • 2x ......10 push ups, 10 tricep dips, 10 burps, 10 mountain climbers, 30 arm circles, 30 squats, 20 lunges,  30 crunches, 30 toes touches, 25 tuck-ups, 15 tuck-ups, 15 v-ups 
If you find a pool:
  • Warm up: 400 swim, 300 pull, 200 kick, 100 IM
  • 24x 150's 
    • 1-6: FREE @ 1:50/2:00/2:10...
    • 7-12: IM (fly-bk-br by 50) @ 2:10/2:20/2:30...
    • 13-18: Kick middle 50 @ 2:10/2:20/2:30...
    • 19-24 FREE @ (5 seconds faster than first 6)
  • 20x25's @ :40 breast stroke drills
    • 4- double pull outs
    • 4- one pull, two kicks
    • 4- Breast pull, free kick
    • 4- 3,2,1 second glide
    • 4- regular breast stroke
  • 200 Warm down!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Physicals turned in as of August 12th by 3:30pm

More physicals have been turned in, thank you!!!

  • Audrey Brinks
  • Kimber Chilcote
  • Brooke Elzinga
  • Amanda Raterink
  • Emily Schellenboom
  • Isabelle Selles
  • Ari Spencer-Simmons
  • Lydia Sprik
  • Erica Stinton

Please make sure if you don't see your name to get your form in.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Physicals in as of August 11th at 5:30 pm

Parents, Swimmers and Divers:

In addition to the previous post we have a few more physicals on file:

  • Caroline Banaszak 
  • Emily Champion
  • Hope Raterink
  • Isabelle Raterink
  • Jenna Swets
I'll send out another post as soon as I get the next update :) 

Physical as of August 8th at 1:00pm

Parents, Divers and Swimmers:

Make sure you check with school and that you have an updated physical on file. As of August 8th at 1:00pm the following girls have a physical on file.

  • Elena Groenenboom
  • Sara Kate Nyhoff
  • Audrey Ondersma
  • Alyssa Oezer
  • Sam Stevens
  • Sally VanBeek
  • Ally VanHekken
  • Madeline Weis
  • Anna Zwiers
  • Claire Zwiers 

If your name is not on this list please check with the school and make sure you have something turned in so you are able to practice our first day August 13th!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Daimond is looking for 30 volunteers from sports teams! It's the Saturday before our practice starts.

 What: Meijer LPGA Community 5k

Date:  August 9

Time:  6:15am – 10am

Location: Rockford HS

Need:  30 volunteers – help with check-in, course management, water & snacks etc. Can you pass the word to your girls? Trying to get as many GRCHS athletes as possible! If girls can do it, have them text me at 616-633-1883 (Daimond Dixon)